Scott Groza

As the co-founder of Groza Learning Center, Scott Groza has long been committed to improving student performance through the use of the highly individualized academic programs offered through his boutique learning center. Founded in 2002 and located in Pacific Palisades, California, the Groza Learning Center reflects Mr. Groza’s philosophy regarding the importance of adopting a student-centered approach to academia in which teachers and staff pay close attention to each student’s individual needs through the use of creative and challenging learning sessions.

Mr. Groza’s long career as an educator has deeply influenced the approach he now espouses through the Groza Learning Center. As many other school systems — at all levels and encompassing both public and private schools — continue to recognize that vast improvements in education are necessary yet are still unable to implement changes that accomplish this essential goal, Mr. Groza has achieved outstanding results by adopting a simple approach to education in which the academic needs of each student are identified in order for a comprehensive education plan to be developed.

Mr. Groza believes that the key to the success of the Groza Learning Center is not just in the development of individualized academic plans, but also in the manner in which these plans are implemented. The learning center offers tutoring, test preparation, homeschooling and reading programs, and students in each program often work one-on-one with faculty and staff or learn among their peers in very small groups. Mr. Groza believes that this approach is highly beneficial for students and teachers alike, as the programs can be paced according to the progress made by the student while also providing ample opportunity for relevant academic discussion.

Throughout his lengthy career as an educator, Mr. Groza has worked tirelessly for the benefit of students. Since the founding of the Groza Learning Center more than a decade ago, Mr. Groza has been able to demonstrate just how effective education can be when it is delivered in a setting specifically designed for stimulating student achievement. Whether it is through the fully accredited college preparatory program or through the tutoring sessions offered across a wide range of academic disciplines, Mr. Groza has remained true to his belief that all students can experience immense academic success when provided with access to an ideal learning environment in which teachers and staff are genuinely committed to the success of each student.