On Preparing Students for Admission to Area Schools

Parents already have a great deal of responsibilities to balance when it comes to their child’s schooling, but perhaps no responsibility is as important as selecting the school best suited to support their child’s individual style of learning. An ideal school will offer a curriculum that both challenges and engages the student according to their unique academic needs while promoting a culture conducive to the achievement of educational goals. Determining the school that will provide the best “fit” for an individual student requires a thoughtful approach that includes a campus visit and, under ideal circumstances, an opportunity to meet with administrators regarding the school’s curriculum and academic culture.

Of course, it is often not enough to simply identify the school most likely to assist a student in reaching their full academic potential since the overwhelming majority of schools require an entrance exam as a part of the admissions process. There are generally two primary entrance exams utilized by area schools, including the ISEE and HSPT. These tests are administered according to the grade level to which the student is applying, with the grade level and corresponding entrance exam being oriented as follows:

• Lower ISEE: fifth and sixth grade
• Middle ISEE: seventh and eighth grade
• Upper ISEE: ninth through 12th grade
• HSPT: all high school grade levels

Each school has a specific process of its own and area schools do not necessarily follow a universal schedule regarding admissions, so parents and students must be well aware of each respective school’s entrance exam and interview schedule in order to avoid making a simple mistake that precludes a student from attending the most suitable school.

Fortunately, the Groza Learning Center maintains a directory that makes this information freely available, though it should be noted that parents should always confirm with each individual school in case of a schedule change. In addition to this easily accessed information, the learning center also provides test preparation courses in which students can work with tutors well in advance of the entrance exam. This will help students develop a sense of confidence regarding each exam’s content and will assist in ensuring they perform to the best of their abilities on the day the test is administered. As a friend often says, “Kids Ain’t Cheap, but they’re certainly worth it!”

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