E-learning For All Audiences

E-learning is the future of the education and with every day it is being used by numerous entities and individuals as a replacement of the traditional methods of learning. Cultus is an e-learning hub, established by Aleksandra Arsik, that promotes education online and supports the e-learning community networking.


* What is the main idea behind establishing Cultus? 

I have always been interested in e-learning and education technology. Cultus come as a logical follow up of these interest upon getting the MCs degree in Communication and wanting to take part in this area of working. The web page promotes the e-learning and informs the visitors on the latest e-learning trends. It is open for exchange of useful blog posts on education in general, with insights to learning resources and developments. It was established in 2014 and since then it grew into a hub where learning audiences can find useful information about the available learning possibilities online.


* How does Cultus help future students?

Students have the option the get acquainted with the online resources that the top world education institutions offer, ranging from the open online courses platforms, the individual courses, university studies, latest learning news, as well as post-graduate studies. The choice of the free and paid resources, the online mentoring and tutoring sources, as well as the latest news in education and learning worldwide, are very well presented in the best blog posts on Cultus.


*What are the plans for Cultus?

The expectorations are that more content will be uploaded and more networking will be introduced. In the next 2-year business plan development, it is planned that the exchange of information among visitors and supporters of the posts increases in 25%, together with the enriching of the content with more news and higher amount of useful information for segmented groups of learners. The cooperation with the educational institutions, webinars, virtual conferences and global networking will be leading the way in near future, all for the benefit of Cultus audiences.


*What makes Cultus unique?

The condensed and compiled information on e-learning and learning, in unique blog posts, is something that everybody values when visiting Cultus. In addition to this, every visitor can find at one place, the information about online resources, support to learning, improving skills, e-libraries on the web, as well as online platforms offering e-courses and studies to international students. The interactive, dynamic and interesting manner of compiled content makes the Cultus visitor intrigued and eager to explore the online education options. With the new plans for upgrading the content and promoting it further, I believe we will have wider audiences and wider content promotion.



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