About Groza Learning Center

At the Groza Learning Center, the individual learning goals of each student are thoughtfully incorporated into an environment designed to be highly conducive to consistent and exceptional academic achievement. Through varied services that include tutoring, test preparation, reading and homeschooling, the Groza Learning Center is known for its laudable adherence to lofty academic standards along with its enduring commitment to the success of its students.

Founded by Scott Groza and Christy Groza, the Groza Learning Center has been a paragon of academic excellence for well over a decade and is bolstered by its co-founders’ years of teaching experience in a variety of educational settings. Longtime advocates of the inherent educational benefits of one-on-one tutoring sessions and small class sizes, the Groza Learning Center has worked diligently to ensure that its students are able to learn in an atmosphere specifically designed to foster the greatest academic gains possible.

Located in Pacific Palisades on a magnificent campus featuring a sprawling meadow, the Groza Learning Center has taken a detail-oriented approach to the design of its facilities with the goal of creating an ideal learning environment for students. This includes a log cabin and a warm, inviting fire that can be reached by taking the bridge over the stream that happens to run through the learning center’s interior.

Using the most advanced teaching methods based on established best practices, the Groza Learning Center strives to utilize all of the tools at its disposal in order to meet the needs of its students. Whether a student is in need of assistance in advance of a critical standardized exam or is seeking a fully accredited college preparatory program, the Groza Learning Center has a longstanding reputation for consistently working in the best interests of its students and helping those students achieve even the loftiest of academic goals.